Current Affairs and Social Issues in India

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Current affairs and social issues serve as a looking mirror for a society. Not only do they spell out the mood of a nation they also give its character sketch with great accuracy. To know the pulse of a nation especially one that is as vibrant and dynamic as India it is important to have a thorough understanding of the nuances of its social and political fabric. Staying abreast with current affairs and social issues is thus imperative for developing a well-rounded insight into the nation’s character. provides the right platform for raising, engaging and understanding issues of social and political relevance in India. It is distinctive in more ways than one. It covers a range of social issues and current affairs that include education, health, women’s issues, culture, legal issues, environment and wildlife, media.

Current affairs help us to broaden our area of knowledge. An individual with high general awareness level is called an intellectual being. It is an unpredictable world, and many of us fall victims to situations because of our unawareness. With the technological advancements, news is spread like wildfire, even in the remotest areas of India.

Globalization has brought the world closer without and defined boundaries. It can be a term referred to political and social dependency of countries on each other. If any country faces crises, all the countries associated to it through business or any other means get affected the same way. Similarly, through interconnectedness our Indian government can keep a check on the on going events and incidents in some far of country and vice-versa.

Media plays a major role in spreading information regarding the current affairs. Media has a strong influence on people. It is considered manipulative, by some critics. They accuse the media of giving its own meaning to the current happenings. However, media has played a very important role in unveiling many incidents that hold important value in the India.

Its recent coverage of the Naxalite threat in the Chhattisgarh belt has attracted many eyeballs. The article critically analyses the current Naxalite scene It also discusses at length its history, the changing tenor of the movement and present day threats emerging from it. Its coverage of current issues like these is a reflection of its commitment to uncorrupted and non-partisan journalism. combines enriching insights with interesting tenets making the reading experience engaging and thought-provoking.  It is an interactive platform committed to ethical writing driven by its principle of independent journalism for the people and through the people.


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Current Affairs and Social Issues in India

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Current Affairs and Social Issues in India

This article was published on 2012/05/08
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