Have You Had All You Can Stand Of Your Child Misbehavior Issues?

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It's every single parent's nightmare. You had been going along without too much trouble, then all of a sudden, you are experiencing child misbehavior issues and you haven't a clue what to do. We'll discuss this and hopefully you'll recognize that you're not alone in this problem.

Perhaps your child had issues from the beginning. However, if you're like most, these issues have recently surfaced or have gotten slightly worse and worse over time. Most likely you've had a fairly normal time. Some children, of course, will cry from time to time, especially when they're very young. But most parents are just so happy with their young children, especially if it's their first born.

And then life begins to take place, of course. Our kids are exposed to other men and women and youngsters, and as they get just a little older, they may watch television and movies and may even get involved with computers. If you are anything like I was, it was often a dilemma for me when my child acted out. I didn't want poor behavior to turn out to be a repeating thing, but, if it wasn't some thing horrible, I didn't see a reason to punish my still young kids, too much.

Now, my story took a turn, as more and more family stories do now, because I got divorced. So, I ended up with an entirely new set of circumstances and problems. However, even before that all happened, there were some definite child behavior issues that began to develop. And the problem was certainly magnified because, at this time, my wife and I were still together, and we didn't always see eye to eye on how to handle our childrens' transgressions.

Let's move forward a decade and a half. I am really lucky due to the fact I have two quite well-adjusted, happy, and successful daughters. One is doing well in college while the other is finishing up a high school career that included some great achievements playing soccer. My x-wife and I have remained friends, and make sure we work really hard to keep our children's issues and needs at the forefront of our own lives.

There has been times though. There were certainly periods of time that I thought things were about to collapse as far as how the kids were going to turn out. Ultimately, we had been really lucky, and, as I said, we worked together as a team to keep things upbeat. Looking back, there were surely a few times when it seemed like things could go either way.

What worries me today is not my children, but the thousands and thousands of children that come from broken families. And of course there are many more who come from families that are so busy keeping their financial head above water with this terrible economy, that they are not able to take the time to deal with child misbehavior issues as they arise.

That is definitely the number one thing that we always did along the way. We really were very proactive about any issues that came up with our children. We didn't always know what to do, or how to do it, but we always found out who knew how to help us, and we got the help.

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Have You Had All You Can Stand Of Your Child Misbehavior Issues?

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This article was published on 2010/12/03