Serious Issue - When Will They Be Discussed?

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It is a common myth amongst us that all the major issues of our country will surely be discussed during elections. People take election as a hot season for all the problems to be pondered over. But the reality is far different. In fact, during election alone, contenders try to avoid very sensitive issues that may demand rigorous actions or critical decisions to be taken. Such issues, sometime more important than the future of America, are often avoided at that time.

For example, Let us think about immigration issue that needs critical decisions to be taken. If we look at 2005 census, nearly 12% population was over 65. The number will grow up to 20% by 2050. If we do not take any decision, the population will grow up to 450 million which is nearly 300 million right now. Approximately four-fifth of the entire population will be immigrants. The problem will arise when old people and young poor immigrants will try for social benefits. As a result they will be squeezed between middle-aged and middle-class professionals who pay high taxes.

But did we ever notice McCain or Obama raised such issues during their campaigns? They do talk about the social reform and poverty in the country and also about various issues that are indirectly associated to this matter, but they remain almost mute about illegal immigration issues. It is not the first time we are talking about this problem. Many other reports and publications have discussed the same in detail earlier, but nobody wants to discuss these problems at the time of elections.

It is the high time when government should take strict action regarding our immigration policies avoiding which situation can turn to be a nightmare one day. It is a problem that will not affect the nation in a single day, however, in a long run, say after 20 or 30 years, the consequences will be real bad.

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Serious Issue - When Will They Be Discussed?

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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