What Makes Issues Management Most Effective?

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What is Issues Management?

Firstly lets try and understand what could be termed as an issue as far as issue management is concerned. Well it could be an event, a situation or even a service but it could affect your enterprise as far production and delivery is concerned. Simply put Issues Management is the process of assisting your enterprise in the process of not just identifying and recording issues, but also determining, prioritizing and reviewing issues and taking decisive the issues swiftly. It essentially implies relying on technology to automate the process of managing your business issues. It helps sort out your day-to-day project management issues.

For instance your project may be down pat on paper, but something may not work at the last minute, thats when issues management tools can prioritize the issues and help you take the action thats required. So be it an onshore project or an offshore one, from bugs to defects to change requests, feature requests, to queries and production issues, issues management will correctly account for all these issues, from tracking them and to its final resolution. Therefore Issues Management becomes a critical feature for your enterprise. It is crucial to choose the best issue management tools that easily customized to your enterprise.

Go global for your issues management

Your IT Service Management service desk can get a boost with the right kind of issues management solution. Kovair has just the right kind global lifecycle Issues Management solution that provides a rich and configurable global platform that will help capture a set of issues.

It effectively collaborates and reviews different issues.
It ensures that all issues are being correctly accounted, tracked, prioritized and finally resolved.
Being a web based application with a highly user friendly interface, it provides duplicate analysis and by using a process driven methodology it intelligently provides reports. These reports include traceability hierarchy report, traceability matrix and traceability relation network diagrams.
It allows for both proactive and reactive analysis.
It allows the designing, implementation and automation of a change management process that is closely related to the automated issues management process.
It simplifies task management across diverse time zones and thereby putting an end to endless communication chains of emails, phone calls to coordinate tasks across different time zones. This ensures productivity considerably.
Benefits of global lifecycle Issues management solution include
Since the solution captures inputs from customers by emails, websites, imports customer documents and puts them through well defined Issues Review Process by an analysts organization. This sets up an excellent system for capturing customer inputs for new product ideas as well as improvement of existing products thus ensuring enhanced customer satisfaction.
The solution easily provides any QA, product and engineering management group a very easy and methodical way to analyze and make sound decisions.
Once implemented, this solution ensures that design errors will be reduced drastically. And because there is no rework involved, labor costs are also reduced by around to 5-10%
The solution enables better team collaboration and communication and mitigates any potential risks.

So even as your enterprise grows and further expands its operations around the world, you dont have to worry about any kind of hitches or issues if you have the right issues management tools backing your enterprise.
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Read more about issue management at wikipedia. Also read more about application lifecycle management here.

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What Makes Issues Management Most Effective?

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This article was published on 2010/11/12